Why An Honor Park?

After the death of Detective Jerry R. Walker on Jan. 17, 2017, the Little Elm community and first responders were left stunned and hurting. 

Recognizing the need for healing, a committee was formed to determine how to remember Walker and his legacy. Out of many meetings and conversations, the idea for the Honor Park was born. 

The Honor Park not only serves as a memorial to Walker's service to the Town of Little Elm, its residents, and stakeholders, it also serves as a way to pay tribute to first responders for their service. 

The sheepdog statue and the theme for the park were selected by a citizen committee who were assembled to find a meaningful way to honor our Public Safety First Responders. The sheepdog story stems from author LTC. Dave Grossman to illustrate how some people are willing to risk their safety to protect others. These people act as our sheepdogs. 

The Public Safety Honor Park recognizes the Little Elm First Responders and their bravery and sacrifice.